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Tales From The Ho Chi Minh Trail -The Site

The Ho Chi Minh Trail Website

A Long Time Coming


It’s been a long time coming getting the Ho Chi Minh Trail site up and running, years in fact. Hard to believe I bought the domain 6 years ago! After I initially got the site all done, then came the technical difficulties and frustrating ups and downs. First, I got talked out of using different software. Then transferred everything to a different host. That result was the whole of it ruined.

At that point, I lost interest in the screen time and effort needed to launch an entirely new website. Especially as I had another site that needed doing. Can’t say that has been easy either. Consequently, with riding to be done and the Trail calling, the time came to step away for a bit.


The Trail Waits for No One


Now my aim is getting all pictures, stories, and tours on this site. Along with a few others who give their time to the trail, there is a huge amount of information dating back 25 years. Collectively there is a lot to share. And that is in addition to everything there is still to discover. As such, we continue to look for new things and follow new pieces of information that give us more to share about the trail.

The whole of our blog is found here. Updates and new posts pop up regularly.  Additionally, follow our Lao ADV Tours Facebook and Instagram to keep up with website and touring goings on. Currently the tours page lists complete information on bicycle, motorcycle, and 4×4 truck tours, but in coming weeks another option will appear. Be sure to watch this space!

All in all, the Ho Chi Minh Trail site is a labour of love that the entire team proudly presents for education, entertainment, and as an opportunity for you to fall in love with history and the beauty of the Trail.

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