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We have been riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail for over 10 years, few others know it as well as we do. We have the most exciting and rewarding routes for you to ride, Jungle, mountains, river crossing, sand and mud lay ahead. Guesthouses, restaurants, and ‘things to see’ along the way are specially selected to ensure unforgettable experiences for everyone. We aim to fulfill the dreams of travelers seeking the complete immersive experience of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The selection of trails we choose, are for the best off road experience in Southern Laos on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Our Tours

7 Day Dirt Bike Adventure On The Ho Chi Minh Trail

A 7 day glimpse of the  Ho Chi Minh Trail Laos. Starting in Pakse we can get onto the trails pretty quickly. We have much to see and do,  endless trails, beautiful views and great off road riding. If your limited for time, this is the ho chi minh trail for you. We can see quiet a bit in 7 days, getting the most out of your time in the saddle.



14 Day Dirt Bike Adventure On The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Our 14 day dirt bike tour on the Ho Chi Minh trail-is the ultimate off road tour down the trail. All the key areas visited, as we ride the best trails on offer in southern Laos, we want to show you some History, but the main focus will be on riding the trails, which we can vary. We’ve spent 10 years riding the area, so we know where to go-to show you some of the best off road riding. Fun, laughter and memories await you.


10 Day Dirt Bike Tour On The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Over the course of 10 days and 1568 kilometers, this off road tour takes you to the border areas of southern Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, on the trail network. Expect plenty of off road riding, river crossing and some dirt trails that seem to never end in places. Different levels of ability can be taken into account, with a few  adjustments to the trails we use.





The Challenge tour lasts 14 days and is the definition of a historical adventure tour. During the tour, you cycle 900 km along The Ho Chi Minh Trail’s southern length starting in Hue (Vietnam), traveling via Laos, to end in Ho Chi Minh City. 


Our 14 day truck adventure tour down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, retraces the route of the book, The Road To freedom. This tour has a lot of History attached to it, along with some nice off road driving in the air conditioned comfort of our 4×4 vehicles. There’s still plenty of excitement to be had as we traverse the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail, in some of the most remote parts of Laos. Truly a trip of a life time that’s open to all comers.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail

The Ho Chi Minh Trail in Southern Laos was an integral part of the Vietnam War. North Vietnam created this elaborate system of roadways over mountains, jungle paths, and trails to infiltrate its troops and supplies into South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The Trail meanders through nearly 20,000 km. Southern Laos was the optimal location because the ground is flatter and more densely covered by forest and jungle than the same region across the border in Vietnam. Additionally, there were no enemy troops stationed in its vicinity. It was also the shortest way from Hanoi to Saigon.

Records show American planes attacked the Trail in Southern Laos some 600,000 times during the conflict. On average, a USAF plane dropped a bomb on it once every eight minutes, 24/7 for nine years. The Trail’s use began in 1959; however, nearly 50 years have passed since the Trail ceased to be operational in 1975. Now ‘progress’ is slowly, but steadily, further eroding it in different ways. Luckily, recent surveys show large parts of the trail are there to ride still. (Survey March 2020)s

Local Guides/Drivers

All our Guides are handpicked for their ability to run a tour. They are the forefront of our enterprise, and will meet you upon arrive in Laos to begin your exciting adventure. It is the law in Laos that you travel with a properly licensed Tour Guide. Consequently, all our Guides are properly licensed by the Laos Tourist board. At all times they carry the appropriate ID cards with them.

Legalities aside, our Guides will make sure you have a great time. They will see to your every need, answer your every question, and keep your vehicle on the road. Not only are they very experienced, they also have medical training. You are in safe hands travelling with our Guides. Local knowledge is key here as it becomes difficult in the remote areas where languages change frequently.

Licenses & Permits

We are registered with the Laos Tourist Board. All of our licences are on display in our office should you wish to see them. We take immense pride in our achievements to date and a huge satisfaction in being included within the Laos Tourist Board’s plans to promote tourism in Laos. All our tours are registered with the tourism department and all taxes are up to date .




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