The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Historical Adventure Tours

by Lao ADV Tours

The Challenge tour lasts 14 days and is the definition of a historical adventure tour. During the tour, you cycle 900 km along The Ho Chi Minh Trail’s southern length starting in Hue (Vietnam), traveling via Laos, to end in Ho Chi Minh City. 

In the late 1990s, Virginia and her husband Clive became the first westerners to walk the full length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos during peacetime. This tour follows their journey from the Mu Gia Pass southward along 2400km of the Trail.

Our Ho Chi Minh Trail historical adventure tours provide entertaining and accessible trips through Vietnam and Southern Laos. Along the way, enjoy the unique culture of Laos as well as the beauty of the Lao landscape. During the tour, experienced guides provide knowledge of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Laos’ role in the Vietnam War, and give insight into what is known as The Secret War in Laos.

Whether you prefer the physicality of a bicycle tour, immersion of a motorcycle ride, or adventure of a 4×4 truck, we have an option for you. All tours can be customized for your needs. However, in our creation of these tours, all considerations have been made to ensure an unforgettable experience so we suggest just sitting back and taking our lead.

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For travelers who love adventure without as much historical content, visit our Lao ADV Tours page for more options.

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