Tales from The Ho Chi Minh Trail-Tham Phanang Cave

Tham Phanang

Location: Ban Phanang Khammouane N17° 20.383′ E105° 11.368


There is 2 entrances

The cave (Tham) is located just past the Ban Phanang -Mahaxai District, you can ask the locals to show you or just follow the over head electric cables past the village. The cave was home to 1000’s of people during the war, there are craters just outside. The wall are black from the charcoal fires made, whilst the people sought shelter from the bombs. The locals have some stories, its said the cave goes back some 200 meters if you dare go look, bring a torch, the electricity doesn’t work.

A somber place
Huge entrance
No power
Beautiful statues

Worth a look if your heading that way, another part of the trails History.

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