Adventure: "ədˈventʃər"  -An unusual exciting and possibly dangerous activity...

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Laos is a Magical place full of color and culture, breathtaking landscapes that show off its beautiful natural side, waterfalls, rolling hills, caves and ancient jungle .

Few get to see all these places ; small hamlet type villages still exist with a diverse culture of people, who are warm and friendly to the traveler.

It appears time has stood still in some of these areas we travel in, It really is a step back in time.

Deep in the jungles of Laos lies the Ho Chi Minh Trail , zig zagging its way down south in a labyrinth of jungle trails, from Khammouane to Attapue.

It’s a masterpiece of engineering , built under the hardest condition ; craters lay dormant , a testament to what happened here.

Now 50 years on , some of the Network has been reclaimed by nature, other sections have been opened up to create roads, but sections of original cobblestone can still be found if you know where to look .

Other reminders of war can be seen in most villages along the trail.

We have four tours on offer that will not only show you the trail but also Laos and its people, our signature tour being the road to freedom , which follows Clive & Virginia Morris’s walk down the trail .

Our 4-7-10 day tours will also cross paths with the 14 day road to freedom trails….

​Our adventures down the trail will be tailored for experienced riders only. Tours can be taken by Motorcycle or 4x4. For less experienced riders , please get in touch for a customised trip.

All our guides have Mechanical and Medical training, For more information on the tours , please check out the files below.