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7 Day Dirt bike Adventure

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This  Dirt Bike Tour is one of our shorter Ho Chi Minh Trail tours in Laos. We designed it for you to see a small section of countryside that was once, a huge network of trails.  A tour to give you some idea of what the trail looked like back in the war days, some of its gone now but the newer roads follow the original trails. The History stay’s wherever we  ride, reminders of the war are all around. Some truly great riding to be had as we make our way along the trails, through the stunning countryside of Laos.

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Honda CRF 250L


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Day 1: Pakse to Attapue (166 kilometers)

Welcome to Laos, and our first day on the Trail together. We will take the old road to Attapue. A road recently effected by the collapse of Saddle Dam D, causing huge destruction and homelessness. Now thing’s are getting back to normal and bridges, roads and homes are being rebuilt, we always get a warm welcome in this area. An area that was also a major part of the Trail network, and much used in the past. We will overnight in Attapue.

Day 2: Attapue to Dakchung (174 kilometers)

An early start as we ride out over more lovely countryside, with some magic Trails. This area was alive with Trails during the Vietnamese War, many of which you’ll see. Few travellers get this far off the beaten track. You will see a lot more than many! Overnight, we’ll be in a local Guesthouse in the small town of Dakchung.

Day 3: Dakchung to Ta-Oy (200 kilometers)

“Morning to you”, as we wake in this beautiful part of Southern Laos. After a local breakfast we gear up and head for Ta Oy. We have some way to go, and we’ll pick the best Trails to use. Although Hydro Power projects have changed things here, we still find entertaining routes to ride. As evening comes we’ll get to Ta Oy, where we stay overnight

Day 4: Day 4: Ta-Oy to Xepon (130 kilometers)

A easier day riding day today. It’s a good one that takes in two noticeable things. A great section of Trail, and a 300 meter Bamboo Bridge as we head towards Muang Nong. After that it’s back to a section of road housing a part of the Trail that has been preserved for history. On arrival at Munag Dong we will visit the war museum, following which we’ll stay overnight in Xepon

Day 5: Day 5: Xepon to Salavan (174 kilometers)

Today we’ll take Route 23. It was a essential part of the Trail network, still littered with remnants of the War. It’s being upgraded in places, but not the forest section in the middle. An interesting day. We end the days trail riding by taking the road to Salavan, and our overnight stop in a local guest house.

Day 6: Day 6: Salavan to Xekong (156 kilometers)

We go towards the Vietnam border for more exciting riding, and the sight of more stunning areas and landscapes, that were part of the network. Unfortunately, due to more Hydro power projects we can no long cross local rivers. Our revised route is a big loop, that takes us to Xekong. That loop, which we explore, houses beautiful scenery that constantly catches the eye. Overnight, we ‘bed down’ at Xekong.

Day 7: Day 7 : Xekong to Pakse (160 kilometers)

Our last day together, so we make it a big one. Back down to Attapue, and onto Route 18. We continue along the Route until we can take the Trail north. Some nice riding, including a sight of majestic waterfalls.  After that we head to Tad Fane Falls and lunch, before making our way back. That way back is the road to Pakse, where we visit Wat Phou, and end our tour. An evening out on the town will see us finish our adventure in style.



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