Chris Corbett
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I established Lao Adv Tours with a group of friends so that I could live my passion for the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and take families, veterans and fellow adventurers on extraordinary tours along this historic route.

My voyage started back in 2008, whilst I was in Thailand. I had always been interested in the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and when I was told that most of it ran in Laos I wanted to go to this mysterious land to discover history. I went back to the UK and started my research, and then Christmas 2009, I departed to take on the trail.

I first came across Virginia’s work when in 2012 I bought her publication, A History of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, The Road to Freedom. This book soon became my travel companion, but it was not until I was half way through it that I realized that her and her husband had walked the trail in the late 1990’s, which is some feat. There can be no doubt that there is no better guide than Virginia if you want to travel the trail.

Virginia Morris
The only westerner to receive the campaign medal.

My journey with Chris started when he contacted me on social media about my book on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. I replied by return and I am pleased that I did because he has achieved great things in Laos and he is now an experienced tour operator.

I first went to Thailand in 1991, and it was that visit which sparked my curiosity for the Vietnam War. Unbeknown to me, years later I would become the first Westerner in peacetime to walk the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos, a tough ask because I needed special approval by the government to go into these area. I went on to work with top Vietnamese communist strategies to write my second book, Ho Chi Minh’s Blueprint for Revolution, and was awarded a campaign medal as sign of friendship by the Vietnamese People’s Army for my work in this field.After working for years with the Ho Chi Minh Trail, I am looking forward to traveling with Chris and fellow trail enthusiasts, to expose how Ho Chi Minh won Vietnam and changed World events.

All this started many years ago for both parties, the commitment and enthusiasm is unwavering…..